Starnet 2.0 Alpha Released!
Our new site has been released and is currently in alpha state. Be sure to report any bugs at our Support Center
- 16.05.2017
Starnet 2.0
We have been promising a new Starnet website for a couple of years now. This might become a reality quite soon. Be sure to like our Facebook page to be first to get notified.
- 25.02.2017
Support page
Starnet Hosting now has a support page where you can contact us about any questions or problems you may have regarding
- 25.02.2017
20000 Accounts!!
We just reached 20000 registered users. This is a great milestone in our journey. Many thanks to all our new and long-standing loyal members. Few days ago we launched our Facebook page. Also our new Minecraft system is still in works and should be ready soon.
- 06.11.2014
Facebook page
We just launched our Facebook page!! Be sure to share and like. In future there will also be game giveaways and other events.
- 01.11.2014
New website poll
We are currently in the process of making a new website with a lot of new features and updates. Please fill out this form so we can make the new website better. Click here!
- 15.06.2014
Our server was under construction for two days so that we could fix some bugs in the system. Minecraft servers now run on version 1.7.9. The servers should start a lot faster due to the new ssd. If you experience any problems be sure to contact us.
- 27.05.2014
All systems are offline for an hour.
- 20.04.2014
Christmas Competition
We picked our winners for Christmas competition. There were total of 76 participants. our grand prize 1gb Premium Minecraft Server winner was:
Email has been sent to all the winners.
- 02.01.2014
Support Ticket System
We have a new Support Ticket System. Please report and ask help for all problems there. It will be a lot easier for us to give personalized help and faster than contact form or chatroom(which is temporally disabled).
- 31.12.2013
CS 1.6 public server
Visit our brand new Counter-Strike 1.6 non-steam/steam server. Server has fastdll and FREE ADMINS/VIPS!!! click here to get a free vip status in the server!
- 24.12.2013
Win free Minecraft servers!
We started our christmas campaign where you can win a free Starnet Minecraft server for a month! Prize pool consists of 6 servers:
  • 3 x 256mb Bukkit servers
  • 2 x 512mb Bukkit servers
  • 1 x 1gb Bukkit server
  • All you have to do is take a free Minecraft server and click participate.
    - 21.12.2013
    Visit our brand new chatroom where you can chat with other visitors and site admins. Leave us feedback via the chatroom.
    - 21.12.2013
    Major bug fix.
    There was a problem with the free Minecraft servers (Error 17). This bug should be fixed now. If any new bugs occur let us know via email or contact form.
    - 17.12.2013
    Maintenance for half a day. Minor bugfixes.
    - 11.12.2013
    New Minecraft Server System!
    To celebrate reaching 1000 registered users we have released a New Minecraft Server System with 1.7.2. Though it has many more features and should be a lot more stable it is still in beta so please report all bugs via contact form or email.
    - 08.12.2013
    Minecraft 1.7.2
    We will upgrade our servers to 1.7.2 when Craftbukkit 1.7.2 comes out, be patient it still may be several weeks. Meanwhile you can still play our existing servers with 1.6.2.
    - 17.11.2013
    200 users!!
    It took us 3 months to reach 200 users. We will be adding new features and improving old in the following weeks. Tell about us to your friends so our service can become even better.
    - 29.09.2013
    Garry's Mod server Admins
    Garry's Mod Admin applications are now open! We are looking for active and prefably experienced admins for our servers.
    - 11.09.2013
    Garry's Mod
    We are now hosting our own 4 Garry's Mod servers. Two Prop Hunts, Trouble in Terrorist Town and Zmod.
    - 06.09.2013
    We are redoing some design elements for the website. Please report all the bugs via the contact form or send us a e-mail.
    - 03.08.2013
    We are giving away a free 512mb premium server for one week.
    (Click "contest" to see details)
    - 20.07.2013
    Minor bug fix maintenance 12.00-14.00. Also keep in mind if you find bugs report them at the contact form or email
    - 18.07.2013
    Minecraft servers updated to 1.6.2.
    - 17.07.2013
    To help us make this site better and to request new features take a minute to fill in our feedback form!
    - 15.07.2013
    Free CS 1.6 servers
    3 Counter - Strike 1.6 2 hour PCW game servers added.
    - 15.07.2013
    Free Skygrid servers!
    4 free (6 slots 3 hours) Skygrid servers added.
    - 15.07.2013
    Free Stranded servers!
    4 free (6 slots 3 hours) Stranded servers added.
    - 08.07.2013
    Free Dropper 2 servers!
    2 free (4 slots 1 hour) Dropper 2 servers added.
    - 01.07.2013
    Google adsense!
    Site now has Google Adsense ads. All the profit goes to server upkeep.
    - 01.07.2013
    Free Dropper 1 servers!
    2 free (4 slots 1 hour) Dropper 1 servers added.
    - 27.06.2013
    Free Skyblock servers!
    4 free (4 slots 3 hours) Skyblock servers added.
    - 20.06.2013
    Free Minecraft servers!
    We are now offering free Minecraft servers hosting. To test this feature we have only 5 servers (6 slot 6 hours) at the moment.
    - 13.06.2013
    Site now has users system. Lot's of users features coming along with premium users that have extra features and ability to rent custom Minecraft servers.
    - 09.06.2013
    When DayZ standalone is released with server hosting we will certainly host our own too.
    - 07.06.2013
    We launched our brand new website.
    - 07.06.2013
    Hosting free servers costs money! Please disable your ad-blocker.