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Free Minecraft servers

Tired of relayed connection on hamachi? Don't know how to make your own minecraft server? Bored of playing survival? is just for you! Servers we offer:
Survival/creative 6 slots, 6 hours.
Skyblock 4 slots 3 hours
Stranded 6 slots 3 hours
and so on...
logo of counter-strike 1.6

Free Counter-Strike 1.6 servers

Don't have a server to play 5 vs 5 games? Don't like making your own server? Can't stand lag? free 2 hour CS 1.6 servers are just for you! Servers include:
PCW config
Brush config
500 fps server quality
and so on...
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We are on Facebook

We launched our Facebook page where you can find latest Starnet news . Also we are developing a new website, you can read about that soon on facebook.

Also we are doing giveaways there, so be sure to follow and like us.
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